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Marco Rubio and the Reagan Revolution

The GOP is not dead. It’s not a damaged brand. It’s taken a hit, but it’s not down for the count, despite the liberal media’s attempts to convince us it is. And when I see passionate, articulate young men like Marco Rubio of Florida on our team, I am content to ignore all the hand-wringing […]

GOPosaur indeed

GOPosaur. That’s what those clever devils over at the Daily Kos have taken to calling the GOP. They have a cute little dinosaur graphic all done up in red, white and blue stars and stripes like the GOP elephant. Because the Party is dying, don’t you know. Well, somebody forgot to tell the Santa Fe […]

The Right Wing vs. The Right Kind of People

The shock waves of the great Michael Steele vs Rush Limbaugh Whose Party Is It Anyway? Smackdown have reverberated from the East Coast halls of power even unto the furthest reaches of Middle America, my own beloved adopted home state of New Mexico. Brian Colón, chairman of the New Mexico Democratic Party got with the […]