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When voter apathy is a good thing

It has become a commonplace in American political discourse to lament the number of people who do not vote, and to see increased voter participation as a panacea for our political problems. I beg to differ. There are already enough ignorant, ill-informed people voting as it is. We need more like we need the proverbial […]

Green elephants on parade

Swing State of Mind (I love that name) linked to my post endorsing Rick Lass for PRC, with a cute green elephant graphic. Honestly, I am still reeling from the insufferable pomposity of Jerome Block’s refusal to debate Lass. I’ve commented on this before, but re-reading Block’s priggish, elitist response to Lass on Steve Terrell’s […]

Post-partum politics and more

Not one post for over a week, then I finally resurface for a catty two-paragraph fluff piece about a sex scandal. Where is the substantive piece I wanted to write? Maybe something about the always entertaining Jerome Block, whose opponent Rick Lass I met last week. Lass seems like a nice fellow, and though Republicans […]

Jerome Block represents the working man’s party?

Jerome Block, candidate for the Public Regulation Commision, is a Democrat, and Democrats generally claim that theirs is the party that represents the working man, the common man. They cast the GOP as the party of rich fat cats and spoiled second-generation politicians born with silver spoons in their mouths — like George W. Bush […]