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Santa Fe’s next mayor

Ah, the New Mexican.  I can always count on them for unbiased journalism.  The bold headline on yesterday morning’s top story was ‘A real grudge match’ The match is the mayoral race between incumbent David Coss and recently announced challenger Asenath Kepler.  The grudge, the paper obviously means to imply, is Kepler’s, since she had […]

Solving the problems of the world, one crusade at a time

My local paper, the Santa Fe New Mexican, is experiencing financial difficulty.  Join the club.  And no wonder, since how on earth can a print newspaper compete financially with internet news sites that run on a fraction of the cost and provide faster and more diverse content?   Some people think this spells doom for us […]

Sarcasm in defense of liberalism is no vice

Or so the editor of the Santa Fe New Mexican would seem to believe. Today my column in the New Mexico Independent addresses a recent New Mexican editorial mocking Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-Alabama) for purported red-baiting. The latest Democratic talking point is that all good progressives should mock conservatives for their fear of socialism, painting […]