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Ignore them and maybe they’ll just go away

This, apparently, was the line of reasoning at the Santa Fe New Mexican, whose editorial staff elected not to cover the Tea Party held here in Santa Fe at the State Capitol on Saturday, September 12.  This egregious example of biased journalismis the subject of my New Mexico Independent column today.

Santa Fe Tea Party: the sequel

Just a reminder that Santa Fe’s second Tea Party will take place tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. at the east side of the Capitol building.  Speeches begin at 2:00.  More information here. It’s going to be a very long day for me, with Fiesta, the Tea Party, followed by choir practice for the girls and mass […]

They’re Uncle Sam’s kids now — he paid for them

My NMI column this week will, I think, become one of my all-time favorites.  Here’s the opening. When the news came that Santa Fe’s public schools would get some of the federal stimulus bounty being handed out by a benevolent Democratic Congress and president, few suspected that some of that federal pork would turn rancid. […]

Santa Fe’s next mayor

Ah, the New Mexican.  I can always count on them for unbiased journalism.  The bold headline on yesterday morning’s top story was ‘A real grudge match’ The match is the mayoral race between incumbent David Coss and recently announced challenger Asenath Kepler.  The grudge, the paper obviously means to imply, is Kepler’s, since she had […]

Penny wise, pound foolish on Santa Fe plaza

This week, my New Mexico Independent column is less controversial than usual. At least I think it is. I’m suppose my adoring fan club over there will manage to find something in there proving that I’m a heartless bigot for wanting to keep the grass on Santa Fe plaza.

And you thought tea and chile didn’t go together

The Santa Fe Tea Party was a resounding success. There were more people than I had dared hope would come, and far fewer protesters. I heard there were a few, but the only one I saw was a grim-faced man who glowered at us as he walked around holding above his head a sign that […]

Santa Fe Tea Party

On April 15, the day our hard-earned money has to be sent to the IRS so Barack Obama and a Democratic Congress can spend it on more corporate bail-outs, mortgage relief for people who bought homes they couldn’t afford, socialized medicine, tax-payer funded abortions and a host of other worthy causes, concerned citizens in Santa […]

Return of the native

I’ve been on the road the past few days, so haven’t been able to blog or even read until now the raging battle in the comments section of my last post.  I’m back in LA, sitting by an open window — an open window!  in January! — watching the little savages play under a lemon […]

The City Deranged

Santa Feans like to call our town “The City Different.” Sometimes I think “The City Deranged” is more like it. I posted the other day about the fake archeological dig that’s supposed to be art. Now Pasatiempo, The New Mexican’s Weekly Magazine of Arts, Entertainment and Culture (June 20-26), brings us still more pretentiousness, Santa […]

Calling a trowel a spade

Santa Fe is home to a lot of artists, and while many of those artists are incredibly talented and produce works of great beauty and originality, there is a fair bit of pretentious drivel masquerading as art as well. The local paper ran a story the other day about Australian artist Nick Mangas who has […]

Catholic in the Bible Belt

Today on the Paragraph Farmer, my friend and fellow Catholic Patrick O’Hannigan shares a story about an earnest Protestant woman who stopped him in a parking lot to pray over him because she saw that he walked with a limp. “Do you know the Lord?” the woman asked him before then asking if she could […]